Why did Britain have a naval base in Singapore?

After the Great War, the British government devoted significant resources into building a naval base in Singapore, as a deterrent to the increasingly ambitious Japanese Empire, but lacked an Imperial fortress in the broad region of Asia, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, instead relying on the fortress of Malta …

Why British lost to the Japanese in Singapore?

The British Empire’s air, naval, and ground forces which were needed to protect the Malayan peninsula were inadequate from the start, and the failure of General Percival to counter the pincer movements of the Japanese led to the withdrawal of British Empire forces to Singapore.

Does the US have a naval base in Singapore?

The US Navy uses Singapore’s naval facilities for logistics and re-supply, while Singapore uses American airbases and abundant space for ground training.

What naval base means?

: an area command normally including a seaport that includes and integrates the shore activities (as a shipyard, ammunition depot, hospital) which provide local logistic services to the fleet.

Is there a US military base in Indonesia?

The United States and Indonesia are building a U.S. $3.5 million coast guard training center on Batam, an industrial and transport hub at the south end of the South China Sea, to boost Jakarta’s capacity to fight domestic and transnational crime, authorities said.

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