Who is the first Filipino entomologist?

Leo Rimando was the first resident Filipino acarologist; he described two species of spider mites Aponychus corpuzae (1966) and vannus (1968).

Who is the first Filipino insect pathologist?

Professor B.P. Gabriel: Father of insect pathology in the Philippines [2000]

Who is the father of modern Hemipterology?

1870 Hemiptera Insularum Philippinarum published by Carl Stal _ famous Swedish entomologist (Father of Modern Hemipterology) _ From materials collected by Carl Semper. 1870-1871 Earliest report on Philippine Hymenoptera by F. Smith.

Who is Uichanco?

Uichanco, is the College of Agriculture’s Entomology Department’s first Filipino instructor as well as its first Master of Science graduate. Uichanco became the first Filipino to head the department in 1923, holding the position up to 1956.

What is the first Philippine insect recorded and written?

Philippine mossy forest stick insects: First record of the genus Otraleus Günther, 1935 in the country, with four new species, and the new genus Capuyanus gen. nov.

Who did a lot of insect collection in the Philippines?

Early collections, descriptions and nomenclalure of Philippine insects were done by foreigners, mostly from Great Brirain, Gcnnany and the Unircd States of America. Japanese workers on Philippine materials came much later sianing m the 1960s.

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Who is father of insect pathology?

He published more than 160 papers on insect pathology.

André Paillot
Born 8 August 1885
Died 22 December 1944 (aged 59)
Nationality French
Known for Insect pathology

Who is the most famous entomologist?

William Morton Wheeler, American entomologist recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on ants and other social insects. Two of his works, Ants: Their Structure, Development, and Behavior…

Who discovered entomology?

3. History of entomology in Europe. In Europe, Aristotle (384–322 BC) is usually seen as the founder of general entomology and of entomology as a science (Morge, 1973), although other Greeks, starting with the poet Homer (ca. 850 BC), wrote about insects.

What did Magdalena Leones?

Magdalena Leones (August 19, 1920 – June 16, 2016) was a Filipina intelligence officer during World War II. She is the first and only Asian to receive a Silver Star Medal for her wartime contributions.

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