Who founded Thai Airways?

On 1 April 1988, then-Prime Minister Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda, merged the international and domestic operations of the two companies to form the present company, Thai Airways International, to have a single national carrier.

Is Thai Airways privately owned?

Thai Airways International Public Co,. ltd is a national enterprise subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. It is a public company registered in The Securities Exchange of Thailand since 1991 with the Ministry of Finance as a dominance shareholder at more then 50%.

Who are the shareholders of Thai Airways?

Major Shareholders

Major Shareholders % Shares
1. Ministry of Finance 51.03
2. Vayupak Fund 1 by MFC Asset Management Pcl 7.56
3. Vayupak Fund 1 by Krungthai Asset Management Pcl 7.56
4. Thai NVDR Company Limited 3.28

How many Thai Airways planes have crashed?

A total of 101 people were killed in the crash. Thailand’s Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee (AAIC) opened an investigation into the accident. The investigation revealed that the crew had become disoriented.

Thai Airways International Flight 261.

Crew 14
Fatalities 101
Injuries 45
Survivors 45

Will Thai Airways recover?

If the rescue plan passes the muster of the bankruptcy court, the airline hopes to revive its fortunes through deep staff cuts, fleet reductions, and making operational changes. However, even if the plan passes, Thai Airways will remain in ‘rehabilitation’ until at least 2025, as it navigates through its debts.

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Does Thai Airways fly to USA?

While this is very strange, it is even more confusing when you consider the fact that Thai Airways is currently banned from flying to the United States. To fly to the United States, foreign airlines must have a Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) category one license.

How do I get a refund from Thai Airways?


If your flights have been cancelled by THAI and no suitable alternative has been offered, you can request a refund in the form of a travel voucher for the value of your current totally unused ticket.

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