Where are the Vietnam lighters in Far Cry 5?

You can find the first Vietnam Lighter at the Fillmore Residence, which is located to the far east of Fall’s End, and just west of Dead Man’s River. Find the shed, and then open the hatch within to drop down into the bunker, where you’ll find a Vietnam Lighter and a Perk Magazine.

What do you get for collecting all the lighters in Far Cry 5?

The reward is bunker access to stuff they put away “just in case”. The lighters are spread out over all three areas. There is a map to them you kind find which I had so after taming the south I set off with a helicopter to collect them thinking that a quest all over everywhere like this must have a good reward.

What they carried locations Far Cry 5?

What They Carried is a unique side mission in Far Cry 5. The quest begins in the Redler Residence in Holland Valley but utilizes all three main regions of the game. The quest is given by Vietnam veteran Wendell Redler who is looking for codes written on the back of lighters.

Where is the key to the Elliot residence bunker?

Move through these rooms and head out the window onto the front roof, then back in the window to your right. Head through this room and down the stairs into the kitchen – you’ll find Richard Elliot’s body with the keycard for the bunker on the floor next to it. Pick it up and head back upstairs.

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What are all the collectibles in Far Cry 5?

This page contains the location of every type of collectible in Far Cry 5.


Cheeseburger Bobbleheads Mint Condition
Vietnam Lighters What They Carried
Vinyl Crates Turn the Tables
Whiskey Crates Whiskey River
Rest in hot countries