Quick Answer: What is the meaning kulit in Indonesian puppet show wayang kulit?

Etymology. The term wayang is the Javanese word for “shadow” or “imagination”. … In modern daily Javanese and Indonesian vocabulary, wayang can refer to the puppet itself or the whole puppet theatre performance. Kulit means “skin” or “leather”, the material from which the figures are carved.

What is the purpose of wayang kulit puppet?

The purpose of this art form is to educate its audience in moral and religious, philosophy and of course to entertain. Explanation: The Indonesian words wayang (shadow or ghost) and kulit (leather or skin) define the two-dimensional puppets that are perhaps best known for enacting stories from the Hindu epics.

What is the name of wayang kulit puppet?


Wayang Puppet Theatre
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage
The Wayang Kulit performance by the Indonesian famous “dalang” (puppet master) Manteb Soedharsono, with the story “Gathutkaca Winisuda”, in Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia, on 31 July 2010
Country Indonesia
Criteria Performing arts, Traditional craftsmanship

What is wayang golek Purwa?

Wayang Purwa is a wayang from Java. Experts estimate that purwa words are taken from a parwa, or parts of kakuh books such as Mahabharata or Ramayana.

What are the elements of wayang kulit?

Traditionally, the puppets are made out of cowhide. There are usually seven types of puppets: putri (women), danawa (monsters), dhagelan (clowns), halus (refined characters), gagah (warrior-type characters), wanara (monkeys), and gusen (characters with rough and violent attitudes).

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What is the most important person in wayang kulit performance?

In traditional Indonesian shadow theatre – wayang kulit the most important person is dalang – one person who narrates, animates and lends voices to all characters appearing during the performance and also acts as playwright, conductor, director or kind of curator taking care of the shape of the whole performance, being …

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