Question: Where is Indonesian rice produced?

Rice production is heavily concentrated on the islands of Java and Sumatra; nearly 60% of total production emanates from Java alone. Rice is cultivated in both lowlands and uplands throughout Indonesia, with the upland crop typically being rainfed and receiving only low amounts of fertilizer.

How much rice does Indonesia make?

In 2020, approximately 55.16 million tons of paddy were produced in Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the world’s leading rice producers and rice is the staple food for most Indonesians.

Is rice native to Indonesia?

Since 1980, Indonesia’s national rice yield has been the highest in tropical Asia. … Rice is grown at varying altitudes, with about 75 per cent of plantings in irrigated areas and less than 10 percent on rainfed lowlands. Most rice production takes place on the island of Java under irrigation.

What is rice called in Indonesian?

And a last word about words.

‘Paddy’—as in paddy field—is not the name of the field, but of the rice growing in it. In Indonesian padi means the growing rice plants; the field is called sawah. Uncooked rice is called beras. Only when it is cooked and ready to eat is it called nasi—as in nasi goreng.

Transportation infrastructure fostered the growth of modern commercial rice production in Texas, primarily due to the full operation of the southern transcontinental railroad and its acquisition two years later by the Southern Pacific Railroad.

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How much rice is produced in Java?

3.2. Irrigation

Island Production (P) (tonnes) Harvested area (H) (ha)
Java 299,60,767 57,03,589
Bali 840,891 150,557
Nusa Tenggara 20,51,292 514,235
Borneo 32,87,062 717,971

What are rice fields called?

paddy – an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown.

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