Question: How many high school students are in Indonesia?

In the 2020/2021 school year, there were approximately 5.02 million active senior high school students in Indonesia. High school in Indonesia takes three years in total. Besides regular high school, Indonesians can also go to the vocational and pre-professional high school.

How many junior high school students are there in Indonesia?

In the 2020/2021 school year, there were approximately 10.08 million active junior high school students in Indonesia. Most of the students are located in East, Central and West Java, Indonesia’s most populated provinces.

15 Best International Schools in Indonesia – Top Rated Schools of Indonesia

  • ACG School Jakarta. …
  • ACS Jakarta. …
  • Australian Independent School. …
  • Bali Island School. …
  • Bandung Independent School. …
  • Global Jaya School. …
  • Ichthus School. …
  • Jakarta Intercultural School.

Why education system is the biggest problem in Indonesia?

Another problem with education in Indonesia is the poor infrastructure, less developed program, low quality teachers. … One reason is the lack of increased teacher capacity and training that can improve teacher understanding of the teaching and learning process.

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Is English taught in Indonesia?

Indonesia is the only country in Southeast Asia that has not made English a compulsory subject at elementary level.

What grades are high school?

High school (occasionally senior high school) includes grades 9 through 12. Students in these grades are commonly referred to as freshmen (grade 9), sophomores (grade 10), juniors (grade 11) and seniors (grade 12).

At what age do you go to college in Netherlands?

Education is compulsory in the Netherlands between the ages of 5 and 16. The instruction language is Dutch, but more and more schools and universities teach in English.

What time do typical schools in Indonesia start and finish?

The school week lasts five or six days, from Monday to Friday or Saturday, around 40 hours per week. The school day hours vary depending on the regions but generally start at around 07:00 and finish at around 13:00, with two breaks lasting fifteen minutes to half an hour each.

How much does it cost to go to school in Indonesia?

Generally, primary school fees in Indonesia range from $30 to $40. Junior high school rates range from $60 to $80, while high school rates range from $190 to $400. There are approximately 150,000 primary schools, 35,000 junior secondary schools, and 25,000 high schools in Indonesia.

Which country has the largest higher education system in the world?

Distance learning and open education is also a feature of the Indian higher education system, and is looked after by the Distance Education Council. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the largest university in the world by number of students, having approximately 3.5 million students across the globe.

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