How much is school fees in Malaysia?

Sending your child to a school in Malaysia will cost you around $73,000 for preschool until Year 12. This depends on the type of institution. Government schools have lower fees. However, international schools can cost as much as $100,000, covering all required education levels.

How much is international school fees in Malaysia?

Based on the fees published for academic year 2021/2022

Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (MYR)
Family Registration Fee One-Time Fee RM27,780 1
Student Registration Fee One-Time Fee RM3,680
Society Membership Subscription Annual RM20 1
Tuition Fee Annual RM52,730

Is it cheaper to study in Malaysia?

You can study in Malaysia for less than USD 10,000!

Education at private institutions can cost about USD 9,000 per academic year. Branches of foreign universities are more expensive but significantly cheaper than their main campuses. … Even good news is that you can study in Malaysia for free!

Is homeschooling expensive in Malaysia?

Expensive and unaffordable

IGCE homeschooling is actually not so expensive as compared to the quality of education it offers. In fact there are home schools in Selangor that offers high quality education at an affordable price.

How much does kindergarten cost in Malaysia?

Revised Fee Schedule for New Enrollment for 2020-2021 School Year

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a) Pre-K3 (Age 3) RM3,500
c) Kindergarten (KG) RM8,500
d) Elementary School (Grades 1 – 5) RM28,000
e) Middle School (Grades 6 – 8) RM28,000
f) High School (Grades 9 – 12) RM28,000

What is 12th grade in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the 12th grade is also known as Form 6 in a secondary school which is further divided into Lower 6 and Upper 6. The students at this stage are 18 years old and will usually complete their schooling at 19 years old.

Is education in Malaysia good?

Malaysia’s education system is unnaturally low in quality according to OECD cross-country surveys on the scores of primary and secondary school students in basic skills. In the 2012 OECD sample of 65 countries, Malaysia’s rank for mathematics, reading and science were 52, 59 and 53, respectively.

What is the most expensive school in Malaysia?

10 Most Expensive International Schools in Malaysia (Secondary)

  • The British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL) …
  • Raffles American School. …
  • Garden International School. …
  • Shattuck St. …
  • The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) …
  • Mont’Kiara International School (M’KIS) …
  • Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM)

Can foreigner go to public school in Malaysia?

All foreigners who wish to pursue their education in any level of education in Malaysia are required to apply for a Student Pass from the Department of Immigration Malaysia.

What is homeschooling in Malaysia?

Homeschooling in Malaysia is a form of alternative education that emphasizes quality education based on moral values and beliefs while strengthening family bonds. This alternative form of education is being practiced by a growing number of families in Malaysia.

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