How much honey does Singapore import?

Imports of commodity group 0409 “Natural honey.” accounted for 0.007% of total import flow to Singapore (in 2020, total imports to Singapore amounted to $ 329 billion).

How much honey does Singapore produce?

Exports: In 2019, Singapore exported $1.89M in Honey, making it the 52nd largest exporter of Honey in the world. At the same year, Honey was the 821st most exported product in Singapore.

What is Singapore’s biggest import?

Top 10

  • Electrical machinery, equipment: US$108.9 billion (33.1% of total imports)
  • Machinery including computers: $52.9 billion (16.1%)
  • Mineral fuels including oil: $49.2 billion (15%)
  • Gems, precious metals: $22.6 billion (6.9%)
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $12.8 billion (3.9%)

What imports does Singapore rely on?

It has also signed over ten free trade agreements (FTAs) with other countries and regions. The Singaporean economy depends heavily on exports and refining imported goods, especially in manufacturing. Singapore’s imports include machinery and equipment, mineral fuels, chemicals, foodstuffs and consumer goods.

Do we import honey?

India fulfills its Honey import requirements by importing from 110 countries. Major trading partners for import of Honey are USA(55.74 USD Million) , Germany(45.86 USD Million) , Saudi Arabia(28.0 USD Million) , United Kingdom(22.94 USD Million) , Netherlands(20.38 USD Million) .

Does Canada import honey?

Canada imported $45 million worth of honey by value in 2019, up 23% from 2018. Honey from New Zealand topped the list of imported honey by value with a total import value of $17.5 million.

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Which is better light or dark honey?

The color and flavor of honeys differ depending on the nectar source (the blossoms) visited by the honey bees. … As a general rule, light-colored honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger.

What 5 countries do we import the most from?

The top five suppliers of U.S. goods imports in 2019 were: China ($452 billion), Mexico ($358 billion), Canada ($319 billion), Japan ($144 billion), and Germany ($128 billion). U.S. goods imports from the European Union 27 were $515 billion. The United States is the largest services exporter in the world.

What is Singapore’s biggest export?

Singapore derives most of its revenues from foreign trade. The biggest export product, with 43 percent share, is machinery and equipment. The country also exports petroleum (19 percent); chemical products (13 percent); miscellaneous manufactured articles (8 percent) and oil bunkers (7 percent).

Is Singapore a free trade country?

Singapore’s extensive free trade agreements (FTA), coupled with a transparent legal system and educated workforce, have been credited with accelerating the country’s transformation to a first-world economy.

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