How long is the road in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s road network covers 250,023 kilometres (155,357 mi), of which 248,067 kilometres (154,142 mi) is paved/unpaved roads, and 1,957 kilometres (1,216 mi) is expressways. The longest highway of the country, the North–South Expressway, extends over 800 kilometres (500 mi) between the Thai border and Singapore.

How many types of roads are there in Malaysia?

Roads in Malaysia are classified into two broad categories, namely Federal Roads and State Roads. Federal roads are all roads declared under the Federal Roads Ordinace (1959) and the major interurban roads joining the state capitals and roads leading to points of entry to and exit from the country.

Does Malaysia have good roads?

Malaysia is served by a network of 94,500 kilometers (58,721 miles) of primary and secondary roads, 70,970 kilometers (44,100 miles) of which are paved. This includes 580 kilometers (360 miles) of superior quality expressways, which connect Kuala Lumpur with Singapore and with major seaports and other destinations.

Public Transportation

  • Accessibility and Local Transportation. Peninsular Malaysia transport network is diverse with extensive roadways stretching over 63,445km, including 1,630km of expressways. …
  • Buses and taxis. The most popular form of transportation. …
  • Taxi Services. …
  • Light Rail Transit (LRT) and KL Monorail. …
  • KLIA Express.
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