How is the loneliest elephant doing in Cambodia?

Dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant,” Kaavan the 36-year-old Asian elephant spent three decades in captivity in a zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan. … Today, Kaavan is now living in a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia, where there are three other elephants to keep him company.

Where is loneliest elephant now?

He was the only elephant in Pakistan after his mate died at the Marghazar Zoo in 2012, allegedly from sepsis. Following a campaign by conservationists and the American music icon Cher, he was flown to Cambodia on November 30and is currently living in an enclosure at the Kulen Prum Tep Wildlife Sanctuary.

How is Kaavan elephant now?

Kaavan was rescued from grim conditions in Islamabad zoo and flown to Cambodia on November 30 where he will be beginning a new life. Currently, he is being kept at the Kulen Prum Tep Wildlife Sanctuary, after a long campaign launched by animal rights group and American musician Cher to save him.

Is Kaavan the elephant in Cambodia now?

Kaavan was relocated to Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS) on November 30 after five years of campaigning to relocate him from Islamabad zoo, Pakistan, an allegedly abusive environment. … “Kaavan is really becoming an elephant now.

What’s the loneliest animal on earth?

The 52 Hertz Whale is the “loneliest whale in the world.” While he lives among other whales, he’s also apart from them. This whale sings in a frequency others can’t understand.

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What is the loneliest thing?

Top 10 Loneliest Things In The World

  • 3 The Last Baiji Dolphin.
  • 4 Lonesome George. …
  • 5 The Man Of The Hole. …
  • 6 The Lonely Island Of Hashima. Photo credit: kntrty. …
  • 7 Curiosity Rover. Photo credit: NASA. …
  • 8 Toughie The Frog. Photo credit: Brian Gratwicke. …
  • 9 52 Blue. The 52 Hertz Whale. …
  • 10 The Tenere Tree. Photo credit: Michel Mazeau. …

Why it is called World’s loneliest elephant?

Kaavan (Urdu: کاون‎; born 1985) is a male Asian elephant known as the “world’s loneliest elephant” after his partner Saheli died in 2012. Kaavan was gifted by the government of Sri Lanka to Pakistan in 1985.


Kaavan taking fruit from Cher
Species Asian elephant
Years active 1985–2020 in Pakistan 2020–present in Cambodia
Rest in hot countries