How did Juan de Plasencia describe the religious belief of the early Filipinos?

What does Fr Juan de Plasencia account reveal about the religious and spiritual beliefs of the early Filipinos?

According to the accounts of Fr. Juan de Plasencia The early Filipinos adored the stars, although they did not know them by their names, as the Spaniards and other nations know the planets–with one exception of the morning star, which they called Tala.

What is the religion of Juan de Plasencia?

Miguel Juan de Plasencia (Spanish: [‘xwan de pla’senθja]) was a Spanish friar of the Franciscan Order. He was among the first group of Franciscan missionaries who arrived in the Philippines on July 2, 1578.

Juan de Plasencia.

Juan de Plasencia OFM
Nationality Spanish
Known for Doctrina Cristiana

What is custom of the Tagalog?

Customs of the Tagalogs is a part (either chapters or subsections) of longer monographs written by the chroniclers of the Spanish expeditions to the Philippines during the early 16th and 17th centuries. They appeared initially. in Blair and Robertson’s 55 volumes, The.

What is the purpose of Customs of Tagalog?

Customs of the Tagalogs, just like any other colonial texts written during the Spanish colonial period, was intentionally made to provide an exoticize description of the Tagalog natives, clearly fed by politics and propaganda and operated with the Western-outsider’s gaze, that would be appealing to them.

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Who is Father Juan de Plasencia when did he serve in the Philippines?

Fr. Juan de Plasencia is a Franciscan friar who penned the Doctrina Cristiana, the first published book in the Phiilippines. He served the Philippine Islands from his arrival in 1578 to his death in 1590.

What are supernatural beliefs?

Supernatural beliefs are abstract beliefs which lack unambiguous supporting evidence and deviate from existing scientific understanding or reference to natural laws (Berenbaum, Kerns, & Raghavan, 2000).

Who is loarca?

Miguel De Loarca was one of the first conquistadores to arrive in the Philippines.  He was a Loyal Spanish Military Officer, Loarca also became one of the earliest encomenderos in the country when Miguel Lopez De Legazpi granted him lands in Panay Island particularly in Oton.

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