Frequent question: Are there sharks in Thailand Phuket?

Yes, there are sharks in Phuket. Phuket is blessed with most docile and placid sharks possible. From the teddy bear like Leopard Shark to the gigantic and graceful Whale Shark there is no better place in the world to fall in love with sharks.

Are there shark attacks in Thailand?

There have been no recorded fatal shark attacks in Thailand on scuba divers or swimmers. The shark divers are most likely to encounter in Thailand is the grey reef shark, which grows quite large – up to 2 metres – but is harmless. … And there is zero chance of being attacked by a great white shark while in Thailand!

Are there dangerous sharks in Thailand?

Seen: Tiger sharks are incredibly rare in Thailand, preferring cooler and deeper waters. They do exist in Thai waters, however, likely around the Surin Islands. Risk to Humans: Responsible for the largest percentage of fatal shark bites to humans, the Tiger shark is not to be underestimated.

Is it safe to swim in Thailand?

The clear warm waters are enticing, and are pretty safe for most of the year. The sea does contain dangerous creatures, such as sea snakes, lionfish, stonefish and jellyfish. However, it’s only really jellyfish that could concern swimmers, and these are not much of a problem on Thailand’s Andaman coast.

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Are there great white sharks in Philippines?

Most Dangerous Species

Some of the most dangerous sharks in the world roam the waters of the more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. … Other species to watch out for are great white, tiger, oceanic whitetip, shortfin mako, grey reef and blue sharks.

What can you do in Phuket for 3 days?

How to Spend a Perfect 3 Days in Phuket Itinerary

  • Morning: Big Buddha and Wat Chalong.
  • Afternoon: Kata Noi Beach.
  • Sunset: Karon View Point.
  • Evening: Karon Temple & Karon Market.
  • Morning and afternoon: Island Hopping and Snorkelling.
  • Evening: Chillva Market.
  • Morning: Cooking Class.
  • After lunch: Old Phuket Town.

What is the best month to go to Thailand?

When is the best time to visit Thailand? The best to visit Thailand is during the cool and dry season between November and early April, when temperatures range from 84°F to 97°F. However, the climate varies throughout the country, so you can visit all year round.

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