Your question: Why are Indonesian lines popular?

Does Indonesia use line?

Line has 30 million users in Indonesia, now 2nd biggest market. Today Japan-based messaging app Line announced its breakdown of registered user numbers in its top countries. It reveals there are now 30 million registered Line users in Indonesia. … Indonesia is now Line’s second biggest country outside of its native Japan …

Why do Indonesians say ya?

It can mean yes in the traditional sense, as in “Yes, I agree with what you’ve just said.” It can also mean “I acknowledge that you have completed a sentence.” I use this second meaning to my full advantage, throwing in a good “ya” any time I’m not sure what to say.

How many line users are there in the world?

LINE is a Japan-based, cross-platform mobile messenger app with about 84 million monthly active users in its home market as of 2020.

What does Alay mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to subdue or reduce in intensity or severity : alleviate expect a breeze to allay the heat. 2 : to make quiet : calm trying to allay their fears.

Is Viber Israel?

Viber is particularly big in the Middle East. Its founder, Mr Marco, was the chief information officer of Israel’s Defence Forces and the company’s research and development centre is still based in Israel, although its head office is in Cyprus. … Viber competes with other messaging apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat and Line.

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Which country use WhatsApp most?

Top 10 WhatsApp countries ranked by largest audiences

Country Number of WhatsApp Users
India 390.1 million
Brazil 108.4 million
United States 75.1 million
Indonesia 68.8 million

LINE is highly rated for its quality service, not to mention its cute animated characters, which both exploded its popularity. This popularity has also made LINE the top-grossing app in Asia. Adults and youth alike use LINE. LINE is not only a service, it has become a powerful brand.

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