Your question: What are the most popular subjects in Vietnam?

What are the most popular subjects in Vietnam? In my opinion business is probably the first choice for most people. Nearly everyone wants to be rich so they think that majoring in business would help them achieve this goal. I guess the second most prevalent subject would be computing.

Is Vietnam good at math?

In general, Vietnamese tend to perform comparatively better than our peers from many other countries in the undergraduate level and below (esp high school) due to our intense maths curriculum.

Is English taught in Vietnamese schools?

English is mandatory in primary schools in Vietnam, though people begin learning at different ages in different parts of the country. All students have to learn it, but unless they receive extra tuition—or are exceptionally talented—few can speak it fluently.

What are the main jobs in Vietnam?

The top 5 currently highest paid jobs in Vietnam

  1. Finance/Investment. Finance and investment were the fields that have the highest salary according to the report of VietnamWorks 2019. …
  2. Banking. …
  3. Programmer and Information Technology Industry. …
  4. Construction engineer. …
  5. Marketing.

Will Vietnam become a developed country Quora?

Conclusion: Vietnam is currently not poor or rich but a middle country and is on its way to become a developed country in the near future because of many measurements and large population, highly educated population, very equitable distribution of wealth, highly developed infrastructures, …

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How much are school fees in Vietnam?

School fees at international schools in Vietnam range from $17,000 to $35,000. For primary schools and secondary schools, fees reach up to an average of $15,000. Private schools and people-founded schools in Vietnam charge lower fees compared to international institutions.

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