Your question: How much is iPad pro in Thailand?

Which country has the cheapest iPad pro?

According to Nukeni, which compiled the 2021 iPad Pro price around the globe, the United States and Hong Kong have the cheapest iPad Pro available, while Sweden and Brazil have the priciest models. In Brazil’s case, the iPad can cost up to two times more than a model sold in the US.

In which country iPad Pro 11 is cheapest?

Basically, the cheapest countries to buy iPad Pro 11-inch Wi-Fi 256GB are Japan (US$870.6), Hong Kong (US$924.64), South Korea (US$904.94), Russia (US$960.26), and United Arab Emirates (US$940.14). These prices are taken directly from Apple website, or submitted by others for countries without official Apple Store.

Which country has cheapest iPad?

The Cheapest Country To Buy iPads

Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan rank amongst the best across all the various models available. A 12.9-inch 64GB iPad Pro is currently listed in the US for $1149 USD.

Why is Apple cheaper on Amazon?

Why are Apple products so cheap on Amazon? The answer is pretty simple. Amazon buys Apple products in bulk, in advance and at a whole sale price (i.e. not the MSRP), which allows them to sell the devices at a discount and still make a little bit of a profit. … This is how all Apple Authorized Resellers operate.

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How many dollars does the iPad Pro cost?

The 11-inch model starts at $799 and the 12.9-inch one starts at $999. Both of the tablets have impressive sharp Liquid Retina Displays with minimal bezels around the edges.

What is GST on iPad pro?

The report suggested that the GST imposed on Apple products will be almost 7.5%. Apple introduced two different iPad Pro models—the one with the 10.5 inch display and the other with a 12.9 inch display. Both are offered in Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi + Cellular variants, said a BGR report.

What is the cheapest iPad in the world?

The 8th Generation 10.2-inch iPad is Apple’s least expensive tablet. With prices starting at $329, the base model 2020 iPad packs a 10.2 inch (2160 x 1620-pixel) Retina display, A12 Bionic CPU, and 32GB of storage.

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