Why Nueva Vizcaya is called the gateway of Cagayan Valley region &amp citrus capital of the Philippines?

Why is Nueva Vizcaya called the gateway of Cagayan Valley region?

Nestled between the mighty ranges of the Sierra Madre and Caraballo mountains is Cagayan Valley, one of the country’s agricultural powerhouse regions because its fertile soil is deemed suitable for almost any type of crop.

Why Nueva Vizcaya is called Citrus Capital of the Philippines?

Originating from the capital town of Bayombong, home to the country’s first locally bred Perante Orange, growing large-scale production of citrus since the mid-1980s in the towns of Bagabag, Villa Verde, Solano and Kasibu have earned the title for the province “Citrus Capital of the Philippines.” A citrus alley in …

What is Nueva Vizcaya province known for?

In view of its location within the watersheds of the Caraballo and Cordillera mountain ranges and its distinction as the major of fruits and vegetables in the region, Nueva Vizcaya is hailed as a “Watershed Haven and Agro-Forestry”. Buses and public utility jeepneys ply the routes around the province.

What is the gateway of Cagayan Valley?

Nueva Vizcaya is located in the heart of Northern Luzon, about 268 kilometers north of Manila and 118 kilometers south of Tuguegarao City. It is geographically located at the southernmost part of Region II and is often referred to as the gateway to the vast Cagayan Valley Region.

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What is the meaning of Nueva Vizcaya?

Source: en.wikipedia.org. “The name was derived from the Spanish province Vizcaya in the Basque Country. The province of Nueva Vizcaya used to be a territory of the vast Cagayan Valley which was once an integral political unit with one governor.

What is the citrus capital of the Philippines?

Cagayan Valley is positioned to become the country’s Citrus Capital through a program undertaken by the Nueva Vizcaya State University (NVSU) with funding from the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development of the Department of Science and Technology (DoST-PCAARRD).

What are the festivals in Nueva Vizcaya?

The biggest festival in Nueva Vizcaya is the “Ammungan” Festival. It is a celebration to celebrate the culture of various tribes living in this province and the founding of Nueva Vizcaya.

Can Lemon grow in Philippines?

Yes, you can plant lemon in the Philippines. Philippines have two weathers such as wet and dry season. I live in Davao City, Philippines and I was able to plant and grow a lemon plant in our backyard. It’s for you to find out, it’s free to plant a lemon in your area.

What is the culture of Nueva Vizcaya?

Embraced by the mighty mountain ranges of the Cordillera, Caraballo, and Sierra Madre, Nueva Vizcaya is home to 18 indigenous peoples which include the major tribes of Ifugaos, Gaddangs, Isinais, Dumagats, Kalanguyas, and Bugkalots.

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