Where can I apply for a license in Manila City Hall?

How do I get a marriage license in Manila City Hall?

In order to get a marriage license in the Philippines, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Obtain an application form from the Local Registry Office (Form 90).
  2. Complete the application form. …
  3. Attach all the necessary documents (see below) and submit to the Municipal or City Hall.
  4. Obtain a claim slip.

How do I get mayor’s permit in Manila City Hall?


  1. HEALTH CARD issued by the Manila Health Department (MHD)
  2. POLICE CLEARANCE issued by the Manila Police District (MPD)
  3. CEDULA for the current yaear.
  4. 1 Government issued VALID I.D.
  5. 1 pc. …
  7. OFFICIAL RECEIPT for the Mayor’s Permit Fee.
  8. NEW APPLICANT: P235.00.

How can I get occupational permit in Manila City Hall?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Health card issued by the Manila Health Department (MHD)
  2. Police clearance issued by the Manila Police District (MPD)
  3. Cedula for the current yaear.
  4. 1 government issued VALID I.D.
  5. 1 pc. 1 x 1 I.D. Picture.
  6. For minor applicants: …
  7. Official receipt for the Mayor’s Permit Fee.

How much is business permit in Manila?

Fee: Fees vary according to the scope of your business: barangay, P200; city or municipality, P500; regional, P1,000; and national, P2,000. Renewal deadline: The DTI BN registration certificate is valid up to five years from date of registration.

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How long does it take to get marriage license in Philippines?

It usually takes two weeks for the marriage license to be released. Article 17 of the Family Code states that the waiting period for the marriage license is 10 consecutive days. Once released, it can be claimed by either of the applying parties from the local civil registrar.

How much is a BIR permit?

Pay the Registration Fee.

Registration fee is Php 500 and Php 30 for loose DST or Proof of Payment of Annual Registration Fee (ARF). You can pay the registration fee in BIR accredited banks. Accredited banks will provide you a BIR payment form. Submit this to the bank together with your Documentary Stamp Tax on Lease.

What are the requirements to get mayor’s permit?

Requirements for Mayor’s Permit

  • Certification – either one of the following: • DTI Business Name Certificate; or, …
  • Barangay Clearance / Permit.
  • Authorization letter of owner with ID.
  • Contract of Lease or Land Title / Tax Declaration.
  • Sketch of Location.
  • Occupancy Permit.
  • Locational Clearance.
  • Public Liability Insurance.

How much is the sanitary permit in the Philippines?

Issuance of Sanitary Permits/Health Care and Sanitary Services

CLIENT GROUPS: Owners/operators or food and non-food business establishments. Workers in food and non-food business and establishments
TOTAL FEES/CHARGES: Health Card – P 20.00/person Sanitary permit – P 15.00

Can I get cedula online?

Not all barangays, cities, and municipalities have an online platform for cedula applications. But if you’re a resident of Manila, San Fernando in La Union, or Cebu, you can accomplish the Community Tax Declaration Form online, print it, and present it at the city hall when you pay the fees.

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How do I get a community tax certificate in Manila?


  1. Approach any personnel at the Office of the City Treasurer. …
  2. Provide data of the following: …
  3. Pay the necessary payment for your Community Tax Certificate computed at P5. …
  4. Sign and affix your right thumb print on the space provided on your CTC.
  5. Secure the original copy of your Community Tax Certificate.
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