What’s the life expectancy of a machine gunner in Vietnam?

“Guns up!” was the battle cry that sent machine gunners racing forward with their M60s to mow down the enemy, hoping that this wasn’t the day they would meet their deaths. Marine Johnnie Clark heard that the life expectancy of a machine gunner in Vietnam was seven to ten seconds after a firefight began.

What is the life expectancy of a machine gunner?

But the man who has the most firepower is the machine gunner. So the average lifespan is seven seconds.

How long did a lieutenant last in Vietnam?

They’re just boys.” It was his way of rationalizing why he had spent his entire six-month tour avoiding combat. His troops had not mattered — victory had not mattered. All that mattered to the lieutenant was to survive for six months.

What does a machine gunner do in the Marines?

The Machine Gunner is responsible for the tactical employment of the 7.62 mm Medium Machine-Gun, the 50 cal., and 40mm Heavy Machine-Gun, and their support vehicle. Machine Gunners provide direct fire in support of the Infantry Rifle squads/platoons/companies.

Are machine gunners big?

Machine gunners have bigger muscles

Make no mistake, there are some skinny machine gunners out there who do the job just as well as their bodybuilding brothers, but they usually end up becoming just as bulky over time. The brain of a machine gunner can be found in their arms.

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How do you become a gunner?

(1) Must be a Gunnery Sergeant with a minimum of one-year time in grade (TIG) at the time of application. (2) Must have a minimum GT score of 110. (3) Must be an 0313, 0321, or 0369. Reconnaissance, or Reconnaissance Battalion as an Gunnery Sergeant in the 0313, 0321, or 0369 MOS.

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