What is the position of the Philippine government on the 12 nautical mile rule?

Carpio explained: “Under international law, the Philippines has sovereignty over its territorial sea (12 nautical miles), and jurisdiction over its EEZ (beyond 12 nautical miles up to 200 nautical miles). International law does not recognize sovereignty beyond the 12-nautical mile territorial sea.”

What is the 12 nautical mile limit?

The territorial sea is a maritime zone over which the United States exercises sovereignty. Sovereignty extends to the airspace above and to the seabed below the territorial sea. The U.S. territorial sea extends 12 nautical miles from the baseline.

Is RA 9522 constitutional?

constitutionality of R.A. 9522, the Philippine Supreme Court stated that “[w]hether referred to as Philippine ‘internal waters’ under Article I of the Constitution or as ‘archipelagic waters’ under [Article 49 of the LOS Convention], the Philippines exercises sovereignty over the body of water lying landward of the

What is the meaning of 12 nautical miles?

The significance of 12 nm derives from the fact that the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) generally grants coastal states jurisdiction over a 12 nm territorial sea emanating from the coast. … Should sovereignty over such enlarged islands be settled, a territorial sea could be declared.

What is Republic No 9851?

Republic Act Number 9851, the new “Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law, Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity” signed into law on 11 December 2009, is a breakthrough law for the enforcement of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) as well as human rights in the Philippines.

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Does RA 9522 Deliante the Philippine territory Why?

The petitioners said R.A. 9522 was also unconstitutional because it converted the country’s internal waters into archipelagic waters. This means that the waters inside the baselines between islands are no longer internal waters over which the Philippines has full and exclusive sovereignty.

What is Philippine baseline law?

Jardeleza’s proposed baseline law, if enacted, shall be known as “Philippine Maritime Features of the West Philippine Sea Act”. … The proposed law states that the breadth of the territorial sea adjacent to the coast of each island shall extend to a distance of twelve nautical miles measured seaward from the baselines.

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