What is the population density in Malaysia?

The 2019 population density in Malaysia is 97 people per Km2 (252 people per mi2), calculated on a total land area of 328,550 Km2 (126,854 sq.

Is Malaysia densely populated?

The surface area of Malaysia is approximately 127,722.6 square miles (330,800 square kilometers) with a population density as of 2016 of 95 individuals per square kilometer. Much of the population is denser around the coastal areas.

Is Malaysia a poor country?

Malaysia is one of the most open economies in the world with a trade to GDP ratio averaging over 130% since 2010. … Having revised its national poverty line in July 2020, 5.6% of Malaysian households are currently living in absolute poverty.

Which country has the highest density of population?

Of the larger countries1, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India. It’s followed by Lebanon (595), South Korea (528), the Netherlands (508) and Rwanda (495 per km2) completing the top five.

What are the 3 types of population density?

Population density is often measured in three different ways. There is arithmetic density, physiological density, and agricultural density.

What is the population density formula?

The formula for calculating population density is: Population density = Population / Land area in square miles (or square kilometers)

Where do most Chinese live in Malaysia?

Nowadays, the Chinese form the majority of the population in almost all cities and towns throughout Malaysia such as Georgetown, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Petaling Jaya, and Klang.

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