What is the pin code of Singapore?

Postal district Postal sector (1st 2 digits of 6-digit postal codes) General location
04 09, 10 Telok Blangah, Harbourfront
05 11, 12, 13 Pasir Panjang, Hong Leong Garden, Clementi New Town
06 17 High Street, Beach Road (partial)
07 18, 19 Middle Road, Golden Mile, Beach Road (partial)

What is the Pincode of Singapore?

Pin Code Of Singapore is 199011.

Is postal code unique in Singapore?

As the number of buildings grow in numbers over the years, it is necessary to have a postal system to accommodate the number of buildings which is also why we have a six digit postal system today. Deliveries around Singapore are also much easier these days as each building now has its own unique postal code.

How can I find Address from postal code in Singapore?

Type”Singapore 149043” or “149043” or “S 149043” or “Spore 149043” or S15955 and you will get the list of addresses with postal code 149043.

How do I find my postal code?

USPS.com. To find a zip code with USPS.com, you need to fill in the fields with your USA street address, city, and state. Then click Find and you’ll get your postal code.

Does Singapore have a zip code?

Postal codes in Singapore have consisted of six digits since 1995, replacing the four-digit system introduced in 1979. They are administered by Singapore Post.

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Is ZIP code and postal code the same?

A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

How accurate is postal code?

The major finding of the present study is that the postal code location closely approximates the location of residence for a large majority of patients with over 80 percent of the postal codes being within 200 meters of the address, and approximately 95 percent of the postal codes being with 500 meters of the street …

What is a 6 digit postal code?

The six-digit postal code consists of two parts: the last two digits (sector code) of the old four-digit postal code, followed by four new digits representing the delivery point within the sector.

What is postal code example?

The postcode in the USA is called zip code and consists of five digits. … Examples of American usage: CA 95383. AL 54677.

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