What is the Indonesian term for finger cymbals?

What is ching chap?

A chap or chhap (Thai: ฉาบ, Khmer: ឆាប) is a percussion instrument. It is made from bronze, as is a ching, but is thinner. The chap consists of two thin, round disks or plates with a bulge in the center.

How do you play Chhing?

Made of thick bronze, Chhing finger cymbals are bowl-shaped, and about two inches in diameter. The player strikes them together, one in each hand. For the closed sound, chhepp, the player damps them. For the open sound, chhing, the player lets them ring.

What is Pi Nai?

The pi nai is a type of musical instrument with a quadruple reed played in the Thai piphat ensemble. … The pi nai is played in various styles of melodic embellishment, therefore many patterns of melodic variation, fingering techniques, tongue techniques, and breathing techniques are applied during the performance.

What is the meaning of Piphat?

: any of several Thai classical musical ensembles that are used in religious ceremonies, dance dramas, and puppet theater and that feature gong chimes, xylophones, and drums The piphat … is the regional ensemble that most resembles the Indonesian gamelan.—

Why stepping above the gamelan instruments are considered disrespectful?

The first rule is due to the spiritual identity of the instruments. By stepping over them, you are disrespecting their spiritual identity. If you do step over an instrument, you must immediately apologize to it.

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Is Ching a Chinese name?

Ching, Chng or Ch’ng, a Minnan romanization of the Chinese surname Zhuang. … Ching, an English surname originating from Devon and Cornwall.

How does Chhing produce sound?

The chhing are the timekeeper of the ensemble. … To produce the open sound – chhing – the cymbal in the right hand hits the other in the left with an outward sliding motion, while the closed sound – chhepp – is produced by hitting both cymbals and holding them together: thus dampening the sound.

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