What is driving deforestation in Indonesia?

Large-scale agriculture, primarily for growing oil palms, remains a major cause of deforestation in Indonesia but its impact has diminished in recent years as other natural and human causes emerge, a new study finds.

What is the driver of deforestation?

Beef production is the top driver of deforestation in the world’s tropical forests. The forest conversion it generates more than doubles that generated by the production of soy, palm oil, and wood products (the second, third, and fourth biggest drivers) combined.

How does Indonesia manage deforestation?

One option to prevent further losses is to include degraded forests controlled by local indigenous people in social forestry projects. These projects can benefit local livelihoods, ensure that non-timber forest products are managed sustainably, and help to safeguard degraded forests.

What are four drivers of deforestation?

Just four commodities—beef, soy, palm oil, and wood products—drive the majority of tropical deforestation.

Why is deforestation so bad in Indonesia?

Due to unethical agricultural practices, Indonesia has lost 80 percent of its total original forest coverage and continues to lose 6.2 million acres per year. Deforestation in Indonesia is a direct cause of loss of habitat in tropical areas since the animals have nowhere to go.

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What percentage of Indonesia is rainforest?

According to the U.N. FAO, 52.1% or about 94,432,000 ha of Indonesia is forested, according to FAO. Of this 50.0% ( 47,236,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest.

Indonesia Forest Information and Data.

Total Land Area (1000 ha) 181157
Percent other wooded land 12

Why do Indonesia burn forest?

Using fire to clear forests and peatland (wetlands critical for absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) for growing oil palm and pulpwood is illegal in Indonesia. … Papua has 50 per cent of Indonesia’s biodiversity and is home to thousands of unique endemic species.

Where does Indonesia located?

What foods cause deforestation?

The primary drivers of deforestation are beef, soy, palm oil, and wood products. The demand for these four commodities drives the majority of deforestation. Secondary food related drivers of deforestation which still have notable impacts are coffee, rubber, cocoa, and sugar.

Which nation is most affected by deforestation?

Countries With the Highest Deforestation Rates in the World

  • Honduras. Historically many parts of this country were covered by trees with 50% of the land not covered by forests. …
  • Nigeria. Trees used to cover approximately 50% of the land in this country. …
  • The Philippines. …
  • Benin. …
  • Ghana. …
  • Indonesia. …
  • Nepal. …
  • North Korea.

Is palm oil worse than animal agriculture?

While the amount of palm oil that is imported for biofuel is much bigger, the impact of animal agriculture on the palm oil industry is also considerable. … Therefore, by consuming animal products you do contribute significantly to the palm oil industry and the devastation its causing.

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