What are some customs in Cambodia?

What is the culture and tradition of Cambodia?

Buddhism rules in Cambodia, with 97% of the population following Theravada Buddhism. And the majority of Cambodians practise their religion, including younger generations. Monks are respected, pagodas litter the country, images of Buddha hang in homes above offerings, and temples are attended during religious holidays.

What are some best practices of Cambodia?

The majority of Cambodians follow Theravada Buddhism which originated in India.

Theravada Buddhism has the following principles:

  • Have the right thoughts.
  • Have the right goals.
  • Speak the right words.
  • Perform the right deeds.
  • Earn a living in the right way.
  • Make the right effort.
  • Be intellectually alert.
  • Meditate.

Why do Cambodians take off their shoes?

Visitors should remove their shoes before entering. Although it is not compulsory, Cambodians always insist upon removing their shoes even if they are told not to do so by the host. It is to show respect. … Cambodians always offer drink such as water, tea or juice to their guests; sometimes food is also offered.

What are Cambodian values?

The religious landscape of Cambodia is similarly homogeneous with 96.9% of the population identifying as Buddhist. Numerous Buddhist principles – such as tolerance, calmness and taking responsibility for one’s own actions – are values found throughout Cambodian culture.

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