Question: How much is a PET scan in Thailand?

The average price of pet/ct in Thailand is $2450.

How much does a PET scan cost?

Specific PET Scan Procedures and National Cost Averages

Procedure Price Range
Whole Body PET Scan Cost Average $3,300 – $12,000
PET Scan (Chest to Head Neck) Cost Average $3,000 – $10,700
PET Scan Heart Cost Average $2,850 – $24,200
PET Scan Brain Cost Average $2,250 – $10,700

How much does a FDG PET scan cost?

We found that the mean per-scan costs of PET was $1885 for sites that manufacture FDG and $1898 for PET centers that purchase FDG. These estimates are consistent with the results of previous analyses, which reported a PET scan costs between $1059 and $4787 [19, 25, 26].

Are PET scans worth it?

Not Only Worth the Cost, but Sometimes a Cost-Cutter! In some cases the added cost of PET imaging is offset by the savings achieved through the avoidance of unnecessary surgery. One of the common misperceptions about PET is that it is costly.

Will insurance cover a PET scan?

Although it can be costly, your PET scan may be covered by insurance. Most heath insurance policies will pay for clinically indicated PET scans. PET scans are beneficial for detecting cancer, myocardial infarctions, and brain abnormalities.

How long does a full body PET scan take?

The entire PET scan process takes about two hours. It can take up to 60 minutes for your body to absorb the injected radiotracer. During this time, you’ll need to sit quietly and limit your movements. The actual PET scan takes about 45 minutes.

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How long are you radioactive after a PET scan?

The PET scan is considered to be a safe procedure that exposes you to around the same amount of radiation that you would receive from the general environment over about three years.

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