Is Curtin Singapore Recognised?

Curtin University is globally recognised for its strong connections with industry, high-impact research and wide range of innovative courses.

Is Curtin University Singapore good?

Curtin Singapore’s academic quality is tightly controlled by Curtin – Perth so that students at the Singapore campus are assured of getting the same quality of education and degree as those (students) studying at our Perth campus. … The tuition fees in Singapore is also significantly lower than in Australia.

Is Curtin degree Recognised in Singapore?

The university has been registered under the Committee for Private Education Singapore. Initially, the degrees awarded by the university were recognised through the Singapore Human Resource Institute, Singapore Institute of Materials Management and Marketing Institute of Singapore.

Is Curtin University internationally Recognised?

Curtin is globally recognised for its strong connections with industry, high-impact research and a wide range of innovative courses. In recent years, the University has established itself among the top one per cent of universities in the world (ARWU 2020).

Is Monash Recognised in Singapore?

Monash University’s Master of Counselling programme can be taken in Singapore through Kaplan Singapore, and is accredited by the Singapore Association for Counseling (SAC), Australian Counselling Association (ACA), as well as the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

Is Australian degree valid in Singapore?

The Singapore government has decided to start recognising more Australian degrees in Singapore, so those who are considering taking advantage of the weak Australian dollar to study there need not worry about finding a job when they come back.

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Is Kaplan Singapore accredited?

Murdoch University and Kaplan in Singapore are proud to receive this accreditation. This is a further testament to the quality of the programmes to which both the institutions have conferred over 10,000 graduates in Singapore since the inception of the partnership in 2006.

Is Curtin University a good University?

Curtin ranked among Australia’s top universities in Good Universities Guide. Curtin has achieved five-star ratings across five categories in the 2020 Good Universities Guide, with the University being ranked WA’s top university for full-time employment, staff qualifications, starting salary and learner engagement.

Who owns Curtin?

Curtin University of Technology is a Western Australian Government-owned university, deriving revenue from the provision of higher education and vocational education programs.

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