How many people in Thailand use social media?

The number of social network users in Thailand was around 52.63 million in 2020. This figure is forecast to reach almost 60 million users by 2026. The figures indicated that the number of social network users has been gradually increasing over the years and would continue to rise in the following years.

Popular social media platforms in Thailand

Apart from YouTube, Facebook, and Line, Instagram and TikTok have gained popularity among Thai internet users. Since 2017, both Instagram and TikTok have increased their user penetration significantly.

Is Instagram big in Thailand?

With stellar growth in Thailand in the past year, Instagram is now up to 600,000 users in the country, up from 150,000 this time last year.

Is Facebook big in Thailand?

Facebook is the most popular social network in Thaïland. With this 51 million users, Thailand is the 9th country in the world with the most active users.

Research published in Digital in 2017 revealed that Thailand has 46 million registered Facebook users. That’s 2% of the entire global Facebook usership and a huge percentage of the Thai population. Clearly, Facebook is an everyday fact of life for most people in the Land of Smiles.

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How many people use smartphones in Thailand?

For 2020, the number of smartphone users in Thailand was estimated to reach 52.71 million. This number has been rapidly increasing since 2015. This was partially a result of an increase in the Thai population and internet penetration throughout the years.

What does User not found on Instagram mean?

The “User not found” error on Instagram means that the user either changed their username, the user blocked you, the user deleted or disabled their account or the account has been suspended.

What is LINE Thailand?

In Thailand almost everyone uses “LINE” it is a free phone app much easyer to contact thai locals with this app than e-mail or phone. Just booked accomadation and car and driver useing “LINE” You can download app for free and it use’s internet not phone so no cost once you are on line or have internet access.

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