How many Gleneagles hospitals are there in Malaysia?

GKL is a subsidiary of Pantai Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, which is owned by IHH Healthcare, which owns three other Gleneagles hospitals in Malaysia.

What hospitals are under IHH?

IHH owns Singapore-based Parkway Pantai, the largest private hospital operator of Southeast Asia; among the hospitals owned by the group is Gleneagles Hospital in Singapore. IHH also owns the International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur.

IHH Healthcare.

Type Publicly traded state-owned enterprise

Who is the owner of IHH?

What is Gleneagles Hospital famous for?

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore provides an extensive range of medical, surgical services and comprehensive patient management. Its major specialties include cardiology, gastroenterology, liver transplantation, obstetrics and gynaecology, oncology and orthopaedics.

What is the meaning of Gleneagles?

Gleneagles ( Scottish Gaelic: Gleann na h-Eaglais/Gleann Eagas) is a glen which connects with Glen Devon to form a pass through the Ochil Hills of Perth and Kinross in Scotland.

What is the best private hospital in Malaysia?

Ranking of Top 10 Private Hospitals in Malaysia

Rank Name Rating
1 Putra Medical Centre 4.8
2 KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital 4.4
3 National Cancer Institute 4.4
4 Borneo Medical Centre 4.3

Is healthcare in Malaysia free?

Malaysia is among few nations globally which is able to provide its citizens affordable and even free medical care. … 6 billion for health and medical care which is available via existing healthcare schemes.

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What does IHH stand for?


Acronym Definition
IHH Institute for Health and Healing (California Pacific Medical Center)
IHH Institute for Hispanic Health (National Council for La Raza)
IHH International Humanitaire Hilfsorganization (German: International Humanitarian Auxiliary Organization; various locations)

What is the name of the Asia’s largest health care provider?

AHMEDABAD: Over 100 pairs of hidden eyes will now guard Civil Hospital, the biggest hospital of Asia. The advanced CCTV monitoring system for enhanced security and services was launched at the hospital premises on Thursday.

What does IHH Healthcare do?

Our integrated healthcare network boasts multi-specialty hospitals, medical clinics, and a comprehensive range of ancillary services across 10 countries. With best-in-class medical equipment and technology, our hospital facilities are equipped to provide the highest quality patient care.

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