How many administrative districts does Cambodia have?

Currently, the kingdom consists of a capital city, 24 provinces, 159 districts, 26 municipalities and 12 khans, 1406 communes and 227 sangkats. The most recently established province is Tboung Khmum, an area separated from Kampong Cham province. Villages are not part of the country’s territorial administration.

What does sangkat mean?

In Cambodia, a political subdivision equivalent to a quarter of a district, which is a subdivision of a city.

Is Cambodia the smallest country?

Wedged between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is the smallest country by landmass on the Indochina Peninsula. The country has heavily forested highlands and plateaus, and low-lying plains that sprawl down to its southeastern coastline along the Gulf of Thailand.

What is a sangkat in Cambodia?

Communes of Cambodia (Khmer: ឃុំ, khum/សង្កាត់, sangkat) are the third-level administrative divisions in Cambodia. They are the subdivisions of the districts of Cambodia. Communes can consist of as few as 3 or as many as 30 villages (phum), depending on population.

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