How long does it take to get through customs at Bangkok Airport?

You are pushing your luck. AA check in counters close 45 minutes before departure. That gives you 1.15 hours to get off the plane (sit at the front if you can) and get through immigration and customs. It has taken me between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours without checked in baggage.

How long does it take to get through customs on international flights?

It generally takes between 30 minutes and 4 hours or so to clear immigrations and customs, depending on number of lines open, number of other passengers filing through (yours and other planes), and whether you get chosen for secondary screening. A 1 pm flight should be fine.

Do you go through customs when you arrive?

In most cases, you’ll go through customs and immigration after your flight first arrives in a new country, but there are exceptions. … But when arriving to the US from most other countries, you’ll go through customs upon your first arrival in the US (even if you have a connecting flight onward).

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Do you have to clear customs on a connecting flight?

If your airline offers the option of automatically transferring your luggage and you have a boarding pass for your connecting flight, you will be asked to proceed via a connecting flights corridor, avoiding Canadian customs. You will, however, have to go through U.S. customs.

Do you go through customs at your layover or final destination?

In almost all cases, if your bags are checked through to your final destination and you already have your onward boarding pass, you’ll go through transit security when you land at your connecting airport instead of customs.

Do I get my luggage before going through customs?

Generally speaking, you collect your luggage after immigration (passport) control, but before customs control. However, if you are a transit passenger, you may not have to collect your baggage at all. This depends on which airport/country you are passing through and whether or not a change of airline is involved.

What questions do they ask you at immigration customs control at the airport?

Most common questions

  • Where have you flown from? …
  • Where are you staying? …
  • What’s the purpose of your visit? …
  • How long will you be staying here? …
  • What’s your occupation? …
  • Do you have anything to declare? …
  • When were you born? …
  • Did you know x/y rule about our country?

What do airport customs check for?

As you’ll be carrying every piece of baggage that you’re traveling with right there, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol will essentially do an audit of what you say you’re bringing into the country. CBP Agents are primarily looking for anything taxable, illicit, illegal, prohibited or suspicious.

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Do you have to recheck your luggage on connecting international flights?

Usually, passengers don’t have to recheck their bags when they’re flying domestically. … If you’re connecting in the U.S., they require everyone from international flights to re-check their baggage upon the first landing point.

Do you have to go through security again after customs?

Do you have to clear security after going through immigration? Yes, if you have a connecting flight to another destination you’ll have to clear security again. Some airports have a special security lane for transit passengers, while others make you go to the main security checkpoint at the terminal to clear again.

Do I need to check in twice for connecting flights?

In cases where the connecting flight is one another airline or another terminal, passengers must go through a security and baggage check once again before you get on board the connecting flight to reach your destination.

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