How do you write numbers in Thailand?

Although the country code for Thai phone numbers is +66, Thai people don’t write +66 or say +66 in their phone number when giving it. They use 0 instead of +66. For Thai landlines, there are nine digits starting with 0 (0X-XXX-XXXX). For mobile phones, there are 10 digits starting with 0 as well (0XX-XXX-XXXX).

How do I remember Thai numbers?

For the Thai numbers 12-19, you just say the Thai word for 10 + 2-9. Eleven, as well as all numbers in the 10s position that include a 1 use a different word to represent 1.

Thai Numbers 11-19.

11 สิบเอ็ด (sip-et) ๑๑
15 สิบห้า (sip-hah) ๑๕
16 สิบหก (sip-hoke) ๑๖
17 สิบเจ็ด (sip-jed) ๑๗
18 สิบแปด (sib-ppaed) ๑๘

How do you say 1000 in Thai?

So we know that ‘one thousand’ (1,000) in Thai is ‘pan’ (พัน). For the number ‘ten thousand’ (10,000), you would say ‘meuun’ (หมื่น).

What does ROI mean in Thai?

riap roi. 1. [adjective] definition. [is] neat; ready; all set; all in order; orderly; tidy.

How do you say 20 in Thai?

4. Numbers 10 – 9,999,999

  1. For 10, Thai people read it สิบ (sìp) instead of หนึ่งสิบ (nùeng sìp)
  2. For 20, Thai people read it ยี่สิบ (yîi sìp) instead of สองสิบ (sǎawng sìp)
  3. For numbers higher than 10, if 1 is in the unit digit, Thai people read it เอ็ด (èt) instead of หนึ่ง (nùeng)
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How do you say ten in Thai?

Numbers 11 to 100

Numbers 12 – 19 are the same as 2-9 except with the number ten , สิบ ( sìp ), in front of them. 11 is slightly different, as from 11 onwards whenever หนึ่ง ( nèung , the number 1) is the last word in a number it becomes เอ็ด ( èt ) instead.

How do you say 8 in Thai?

The Thai language has its own set of numerals, although the standard Arabic/Western numerals are much more commonly encountered.

Numbers 1 to 10.

Arabic Numerals Thai Numerals Pronunciation
7 เจ็ด jèt
8 แปด bpàet
9 เก้า gâo
10 ๑๐ สิบ sìp
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