How do I book someone else’s grab in Malaysia?

Once you login in the Grab for Business concierge portal, you can book a ride for the passenger by providing the name, mobile number and destination details. The ride can only be paid in cash by the passenger directly.

How do I share my family Grab account?

How to share:

  1. Tap on the SHARE icon.
  2. Choose a social sharing option.
  3. Confirm your recipient and SEND the message.

Can I book Grab from another country?

Grab now offers you the ability to book a ride from other 3rd-party ride hailing companies such as JapanTaxi and Careem when you travel abroad.

Can someone else use my Grab account?

Any user with a registered Grab account can send and receive GrabPay Balance. Don’t forget to make sure that you have enough balance to cover the amount you want to share.

Can you share a Grab account?

Unfortunately, you can’t. You can only send GrabPay Balance to Grab passenger accounts. The transfer will not be processed.

Can I book Grab for someone else 2021?

You are not permitted to use your Grab account to book for other passengers. Passengers must show their booking code to the driver before entering the vehicle, though exceptions are allowed in case of an emergency wherein the destination is a hospital.

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How do you send food to someone via Grab?

Launch the Grab app and select “Food” from the product selection menu at the top of the app. Enter your delivery address. Select your favorite restaurant. Select a meal and add to your basket.

Can you book 2 Grab car at the same time?

Yes, you can book other Grab services while waiting for your food order. Currently, you can also book one additional transport service, schedule up to 10 deliveries, and even book hotels. In the future, you will be able to do multiple bookings in several Grab services at the same time.

Can I transfer money from Grab to bank account Malaysia?

Transferring your GrabPay Wallet balance to a local bank account takes only a few steps: Tap on the “Transfer” tile on your GrabPay Wallet and select “Send to Bank Account” … Review your bank transfer details. If everything is correct, just tap “Confirm”

How can I transfer money from Grab to another account?

How do I transfer GrabPay Balance to another user

  1. via QR Code. As a sender, you can send GrabPay balance to a receiver by scanning payee’s QR code that is located inside Grab app. …
  2. via phone number. As a sender, you can send GrabPay balance by entering receiver’s phone number.

Why can’t I transfer money from my Grab?

The transfer will not push through if you try to send GrabPay balance to a phone number that is not registered with Grab. The maximum amount to be sent cannot exceed your available GrabPay balance. If you don’t have enough GrabPay balance, cash-in to your GrabPay Wallet.

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