How do I appeal a traffic police Offence in Singapore?

If you wish to appeal against your charge, you may make an appeal online through the Traffic e-Appeals Portal. Do note that appeals will only be considered for medical emergencies and must be supported by relevant documentary proof, such as a doctor’s letter or medical report.

Can I appeal speeding fine Singapore?

Appellants who wish to submit an appeal to their traffic offences are advised to do so through the e-Service. … You may wish to note that appeals for outstanding traffic offences will only be considered on the grounds of medical emergencies which will require supporting documentary proof to be submitted.

Is traffic Offence a criminal Offence in Singapore?

You committed a serious traffic offence that may have resulted to serious injury or death, and is punishable under the penal code. … Serious traffic offences without an offer of composition, especially those resulting to serious injury or death are classified as criminal offences.

How do I appeal a parking fine in Singapore?

1. Before Writing the Appeal

  1. Find Out Who You’re Appealing To.
  2. Take Photo Evidence.
  3. Get the Appeal Form and Fill It Up.
  4. Provide All the Details You Can.
  5. Acknowledge Your Mistake and Be Polite.
  6. Explain Why You Had to Break Traffic Rules.
  7. Sign Off and Provide Contact Information.
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Can you challenge a fine?

If you feel that the fine was incorrectly issued, or that there are special circumstances in your case, you may make an appeal against your fine (Penalty Charge Notice). You should check the restrictions where the fine was issued before challenging.

What is the best excuse to appeal a parking ticket?

When to appeal a parking ticket

  • You were parked correctly. …
  • The parking signs or road markings were unclear. …
  • There was no way to pay. …
  • You were charged too much. …
  • You weren’t driving when the ticket was issued. …
  • You couldn’t get back to your car. …
  • Your car broke down. …
  • You were only just out of time.

How long does it take for demerit points to reset?

Most demerit points expire and are removed from your licence after four years.

Does your criminal record get wiped?

The exact period of time after which a conviction becomes spent depends on the offence and the sentence given. … The fact that a person’s conviction is spent does not wipe it from their criminal record (remember, criminal records are a list of all interactions that a person has had with the criminal justice system).

How can I check my traffic fines in Singapore?

You will have to log on to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) website ( to check for outstanding summons/fines.

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