How can I transfer balance to Philippines?

How do I do an international balance transfer?

How does it work?

  1. Step 1: Simply send an SMS ‘SEND’ to short code 1700.
  2. Step 2: Enter the International MSISDN where you wish to transfer mobile credit. ( Format: Country code followed by MSISDN. …
  3. Step 3: Choose from one of the available transfer amounts and confirm.
  4. Step 4: Successful message confirming the transaction.

How can I transfer balance from Mobily to Philippines?

In order to transfer load from Mobily to the Philippines using the Mobily International Balance transfer service;

  1. Write the code: TR {space} (the number of the recipient).
  2. Example: TR 639383085984.
  3. Send it to 600900.
  4. Select the amount you wish to transfer to the Philippines and reply back its code;

How can I transfer balance from STC to Philippines?

STC Balance Transfer to the Philippines

Compose a new text message and type this code *133*Phone Number*1# (Replace the phone number with the one you want to send the credit). Send the above code to 801500. In Step 1 the *1# is for sending 100 Philippine pesos.

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How send STC Kuwait to Philippines?

Service steps

  1. Transfer credit or internet by SMS or USSD from your mobile phone.
  2. Dial *585# and follow the instructions or send ITU followed by the number you want to recharge to 585.

Can I send my data to someone else?

Yes, you can request someone send you data by dialling *112*1*CellCPhoneNumber#. How do I transfer data? … Enter the amount of data you wish to send. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the data to.

Can I transfer my data to another number?

Here is how to share internet data on Airtel:

Or you can dial *129*101#. Now enter your Airtel mobile number and login with OTP. After entering OTP, you will get an option to transfer you Airtel internet data from one mobile number to another mobile number. Now select the “Share Airtel data” options.

How can I transfer balance from friendi to Philippines?

To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011)
  2. Select the amount that you would like to transfer.
  3. An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.

How can I transfer mobile balance?

Dial: To transfer your mobile balance just dial *141# and follow the instructions. or type SMS GIFT ‘Amount’ and Send it to 121. Transfer Limit: You can transfer minimum amount of Rs. 5 to Rs. 50 to another network.

How can I subscribe Mobily data?

To activate and manage services:

  1. Send the subscription command, which is mentioned in the table above, to 1100 via SMS.
  2. Call Mobily Customer Care Center at 1100.
  3. Visit Mobily outlets.
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How can I change STC to English?

In order to change the SIM contact language from Arabic to English or vice versa.

  1. Write STC language change code “1390” in an SMS.
  2. Send it to 900.

How can I transfer credit from Etisalat to Philippines?

How can I transfer data and credit internationally?

  1. Dial *100# and follow the instructions.
  2. Dial *100*international number# and follow the instructions.
  3. Text the international number to 1700 and follow the instructions.

How can I transfer credit from Mobily to international?

Use mobily App to transfer credit in an easy way. Second method: Dial *123# Press the call key, and then you will be requested through an interactive menu to enter the phone number of the recipient as well as the credit amount you want transferred.

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