Can you drink water in Malaysia?

No, drinking tap water in Malaysia is not safe. The locals don’t drink straight out of a tap cause they say that there is a bad smell, taste and sometimes the water is brown which is being caused by old, dirty, and rusty pipes. It is advised to drink bottled water or filtered water or boil the water before drinking.

Can you drink water in Kuala Lumpur?

Tap water is not safe in Kuala Lumpur, so it is better to drink bottlled water or use a filter.” Tap water IS safe to drink though not recommended as the locals don’t customarily drink straight out of a tap. Tap water is safe to drink if you order it boiled from restaurants.

Is English widely spoken in Malaysia?

English – Most Commonly Used Malaysian Language

Along with Malay, English is one of the most common languages spoken in Malaysia. It is used widely as a medium of education, communication and government houses.

Can you brush your teeth with tap water in Malaysia?

Is It Safe To Brush Teeth With Tap Water In Malaysia? Tap water is NOT safe in Malaysia therefore you are advised to buy bottled water for brushing your teeth. Simply it is not worth the risk of getting sick.

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How does Malaysia get water?

Based on this fact, Malaysia is a country with abundant water resources. Streams and rivers with and without impounding reservoirs contribute 98 percent of total water used in Malaysia; the remainder is contributed by groundwater.

How does Malaysia purify water?

Water treatment helps to remove impurities like heavy metals and disease-causing bacteria from the water. Most Malaysian homes that use tap water for drinking first boil the water or have water filters installed to purify the water. Other homes use bottled water for drinking and tap water for other purposes.

How is water treated in Malaysia?


In Malaysia, extensive use has been made of primary treatment systems such as communal septic tank’s and Imhoff tanks and unreliable low cost secondary systems such as oxidation ponds. In addition, large urban areas utilise Individual Septic Tanks (IST).

Why is chlorine in tap water?

Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to drinking water to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. … Using or drinking water with small amounts of chlorine does not cause harmful health effects and provides protection against waterborne disease outbreaks.

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