Can non Vietnamese people wear ao dai?

Do Filipinos wear ao dai?

During the enemy’s tea ceremony, we decided to switch culture so I will be wearing a traditional ao dai which is a traditional Vietnamese wedding dress and Tam will be wearing a barong tagalog which is a the typical formal wear for Filipino man during celebrations.

What is ao dai in English?

: the traditional dress of Vietnamese women that consists of a long tunic with slits on either side and wide trousers.

Do Chinese people wear ao dai?

The dress was extremely popular in South Vietnam in the 1960s and early 1970s. On Tết and other occasions, Vietnamese men may wear an áo gấm (brocade robe), a version of the ao dai made of thicker fabric.

This article contains chữ Nôm text.

Áo dài
Vietnamese áo dài

How much does an ao dai cost?

Usually renting an ao dai will cost you from VND$150,000 (USD$7.00) – VND$500,000 (USD$22.00).

How much does ao dai cost in Vietnam?

Since Ao dai is custom-made and hand-made, the price of one set is not low. It should start at about VND 500,000 if you bring your own fabric to the store, and about VND 800,000 for both fabric and the making fee.

What does white Ao Dai mean?

The color of one’s Ao Dai is an indication of the age and status of the Vietnamese woman. Mostly, younger women wear white Ao Dais to symbolize their youthfulness and purity. They wear more pastel shades as they grow older but stay unmarried.

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