Can foreigners buy GCB in Singapore?

While anyone can buy a non-landed private home in Singapore, one generally has to be a Singapore citizen to be allowed to buy a landed property in a GCB Area. … Sentosa cove remains the only place in Singapore where a non -PR foreigner may buy a landed home, although this is still subject to government approval.

How can I buy GCB in Singapore?

You have to be a Singapore Citizen to buy a GCB (unless you’re rich) Exceptions may be made for Permanent Residents; but otherwise, you need to be a Singapore Citizen to own a GCB. The ‘Singaporean buyer only’ rule for the purchase of landed property has been the law since 2012.

Can GCB be subdivided?

For this reason, a GCB Good Class Bungalow plot cannot be developed to accommodate more intensive forms of housing. And unless it is at least 2,800 sq m in size, it cannot be sub-divided into two GCB Good Class Bungalow plots either.

Are all GCB Freehold?

Due to height restrictions, GCBs are also generally built up to two storeys only. It is estimated that there are currently about 2,800 GCBs in Singapore only. Most of them are freehold properties, making them attractive for legacy planning.

Where are the GCB in Singapore?

Some of the exclusive locations of Good class bungalows GCB in Singapore are District 10’s Belmont Park, Cluny Park, Holland Park, Ridley Park, White House Park, and Nassim Road. Indeed, Nassim Road is one of Singapore’s most sought-after residential areas.

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Why is Nassim so expensive?

Nassim Road’s exclusivity stems from its secluded locations, large lots and the fact that it’s a short street with a limited number of home sites. “A piece of regular land in Nassim is like fine art or wine,” Lye said in March, adding that the prices of such properties “keep reaching new highs all the time”.

How do you determine a good class bungalow?

By definition, Good Class Bungalows need to have a plot size of at least 1,400 sq m (15,070 sq ft) and has to be located in one of the areas zoned for Good Class Bungalows Areas (GCBA). Good Class Bungalows can only be found in the 39 Areas which are safeguarded as Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBA).

How many designated landed property area in Singapore?

There are 58 designated Landed Housing Areas.

What does GCB mean?


Acronym Definition
GCB Good Christian Belles (TV show)
GCB German Convention Bureau (tourism)
GCB Global Corruption Barometer
GCB Global Configuration Block
Rest in hot countries