Can foreigner open company in Indonesia?

Under Indonesian law, a foreigner cannot wholly own a PT, which can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. However, a foreigner can partner with a PT owner through a Nominee Company Agreement.

Can a foreigner start a business in Indonesia?

Foreigners can either set up a limited liability company which is 100% foreign owned or a limited liability company through a joint venture with Indonesian partners.

How do I start a foreign company in Indonesia?

The foreigner who works and resides in Indonesia is required to obtain a tax number (NPWP) and a work permit (KITAS). In order to set up a PT PMA in Indonesia, the shareholders must present a deed of establishment which needs to be legalized by a public notary.

How much does it cost to start a business in Indonesia?

High minimum capital

The BKPM requires foreign investors to have a certain amount of minimum capital to set up a company in Indonesia. That amount is not small at all, especially compared to other developing countries — the amount cost IDR 10 billion (approximately $750,000).

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How can I start a corporation in Indonesia?

Basically, the requirements of starting a business company in Indonesia are as follows:

  1. Deed of Incorporation;
  2. Approval from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (SK HAM);
  3. Company tax identification number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak or NPWP);
  4. Business License (Izin Usaha);

What is the most profitable business in Indonesia?

What Were Indonesia’s Most Profitable Listed Companies in 2015?

Company Sector Net Profit 2015 (in IDR trillion)
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Banking 25.41
Telekomunikasi Indonesia Telecom 23.32
Bank Mandiri Banking 21.15
Bank Central Asia Banking 18.04

What is a good business to start in Indonesia?

30+ Best Small Business Ideas in Indonesia 2021

  • Travel Consultancy business. Becoming a travel consultant can be a great business in Indonesia for sale in which you sell your services. …
  • Equity Financing Business. …
  • Business of Hotels. …
  • Book Keeping. …
  • Internet Service Provider. …
  • App Developers. …
  • Furniture Factory. …
  • Food Carts.

What is NIB Indonesia?

This single indentification number, better known as Business Identification Number (Nomor Induk Berusaha/NIB) is a 13 digit registration number. It serves as a business owner’s identity to conduct its business activity.

Is it easy to do business Indonesia?

Indonesia is not the easiest place to start an enterprise or, generally, to conduct business. This is reflected by the World Bank’s Doing Business 2018 index in which the country ranks 72nd.

Is Indonesia a good place to start a business?

According to The World Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business ranking, Indonesia ranks 73 in the world to do business, ahead of the Philippines (rank 124), below China (46) and Malaysia (15). The country is on an upwards trend for ease of doing business, ranking 128 in 2013 and 91 in 2017.

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Can a foreigner open a restaurant in Bali?

For foreigners, there are two common types of legal entity available in Bali for restaurant business: a local company (PT) and a foreign-owned company (PT PMA). … Fortunately, under the current Negative Investment List (NIL), foreigners are allowed to have 100% ownership of the PT PMA in the restaurant sector.

How do I register my small business in Indonesia?

How to apply for a business license

  1. Obtain your company’s Deed of Establishment (DOE) …
  2. Apply for SIUP (Surat Izin Usaha Perniagaan) …
  3. Apply for Business Registration Number. …
  4. Have your company registered with the taxation office for tax compliance purposes. …
  5. Obtain work visas. …
  6. Set up a corporate bank account.

Can foreigners own business in Bali?

Many businesses are open to full foreign ownership. However, some business classifications (KBLI) only allow partial foreign ownership. There are many hospitality businesses with such restrictions.

Limited Percentage of Foreign Ownership.

Business Allowed Foreign Ownership
Hotels (4 stars or less) 67%

Can an Indian start business in Indonesia?

Free Visa for Indian Nationals

You will get a free visa that lasts for 30 days to survey the Indonesian market, as long as you do not engage in any business activities that generate income. … You will risk being denied into Indonesia if you do it too often.

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