Best answer: Why is Anna and the king banned in Thailand?

Thai officials familiar with the film and the controversy said the main reason for the ban is that the movie deals with the monarchy, which is held in vast public esteem and is such a sensitive subject that it is considered illegal even for an actor to play the part of the king.

Is Anna and the King of Siam a true story?

Yul Brynner in the film The King and I (1956). The play and film were based on Margaret Landon’s Anna and the King of Siam (1944), which was inspired by the real-life adventures of Anna Harriette Leonowens, a British governess who worked for King Mongkut (Rama IV) of Siam.

Does Anna fall in love with King?

Though there’s no proof of a romantic attachment between the real Anna and King Mongkut, she truly respected his politics and intellectualism. … But the King died unexpectedly, and his son, Prince Chulalongkorn, sent her a letter thanking her for her service, politely dismissing her from the court.

Was Anna and the King filmed in Thailand?

A year ago the authorities prevented Anna and the King from being shot in Thailand. After a rewrite and an unsuccessful appeal, 20th Century Fox was forced to relocate the film to Malaysia. It is the second time that Hollywood has trodden on Thai sensitivities in less than 12 months.

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Why was Tuptim executed?

Tuptim is executed for infidelity not because of the King’s pride but because of Anna’s arrogant proclamation that she can persuade the King to change his mind and spare Tuptim.

Is Anna and the King OK for kids?

Parents need to know that there is some very intense violence, including battle scenes, bloody beatings, and non-graphic but very tense beheadings. Dead bodies hang from a tree and soldiers are poisoned. There is a very sad death of a child.

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