Best answer: Which part of Singapore is Upper Bukit Timah?

Bukit Timah, often abbreviated as Bt Timah, is a planning area and residential estate located in the westernmost part of the Central Region of Singapore.

Is Bukit Timah a nice place to live?

Luxury villas, landscaped grounds, swanky shops and eclectic cafes (and did we mention that there’s also a natural rainforest in your backyard?). There are several reasons why Bukit Timah is one of Singapore’s most desirable and exclusive neighbourhoods, and why many expats claim ‘West is best’.

Who named Singapore?

However, the original legend was that a long time ago, a 14th century Sumatran prince spotted an auspicious beast upon landing on the island after a thunderstorm, which he was told was a ‘lion’. Thus, the name Singapore comes from the Malay words “Singa” for lion and “Pura” for city.

Is Bukit Batok safe?

Bukit Batok has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous areas for runners in Singapore. In early June 2011, a man was found murdered in the sacred compound of a church in Bukit Batok.

Which area is north in Singapore?

The North Region of Singapore is one of the five regions in the city-state. The region is the second largest region in terms of land area, and has a population of 582,330.

North Region, Singapore.

North Region
• Total 134.5 km2 (51.9 sq mi)
Population (2020)
• Total 582,330
• Density 4,300/km2 (11,000/sq mi)
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