Are Durex condoms made in Thailand safe?

Yes you can get safe comdoms in Thailand and they come in lots of different sizes. as everyone knows…. People from the west have bigger ones than people from the South east asia! They do have a rating on them as they are durex!

Are condoms made in Thailand?

SSL now makes one-third of its Durex products, or about 300 million condoms annually, in Thailand, with the remainder produced in Britain, Spain, India, and China. “Thailand is still one of the most cost-effective manufacturing locations for condoms,” says Tim Evans, SSL’s Southeast Asia regional director.

Are Trojan condoms made in Thailand?

NCSD: As an official partner of the National Coalition of STD Directors, 1 million Trojan condoms are donated annually to support public health. Made in Thailand.

Where are skyn condoms made Thailand?

We manufacture SKYN Elite condoms in Thailand and India. This information is found printed on the bottom of the retail carton and on the back of the condom foils.

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