Are draya and Malaysia still friends?

Maxiell returned to the show for her final season in 2017. In a 2017 interview with Hollywoood Life, she said, “Me and Malaysia, we’re best friends. We ride or die for each other, and we’re probably one of the realest friends on the show. It’s quite natural, we have each other’s back.”

Are Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia still friends?

The once inseparable best friends and Basketball Wives stars, Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxiell, are no longer friends. The former besties aren’t on speaking terms after a falling out, according to a report by the JasmineBRAND.

Did Malaysia and Brandi fall out?

EXCLUSIVE: Malaysia Pargo & Brandi Maxiell Have Allegedly Ended Their Friendship, Fallout Will Play Out On Season 10 Of ‘Basketball Wives’ … Amid the news of the pair ending their friendship, they have also unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Why did Malaysia and draya stop being friends?

After feuding with several of her co-stars on Season 4, Draya announced last October that she was quitting the series. In an interview with at the time she said she was “mentally over it” and wanted to focus on other things. “I don’t need every single thing I do to be on TV and to be judged,” she said.

How much do the Basketball Wives get paid per episode?

A collection of outlets have speculated how much the Basketball Wives stars make per episode of the show. It was reported in the early days that the ladies took home $7,500 per episode.

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